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Discover the 2024 novelty at Leolandia!

From May 18th, the first electric mobility attraction in our park opens!

Scuola Guida Futuro Leolandia

The establishment of Scuola Guida Futuro stems from the desire to raise awareness among both adults and children about the themes of energy transition and environmental protection. Thus, Scuola Guida Futuro is born in partnership with Be Charge, a company of Plenitude, an attraction in an Italian theme park dedicated to electric mobility.

The project also includes the installation of a Hub with 10 electric vehicle charging points in the parking lot of Leolandia, so that LeoGuests, while spending their day in the Park, can recharge their energy.

Scuola Guida Futuro is not just a track with electric vehicles but a narrative and experiential dimension that includes different levels, including the attraction itself. Children visiting Leolandia will have fun driving the vehicles and at the end of the experience, they can receive their first digital "electric driving license."

At Leolandia, fun increasingly looks towards the future!