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Aree a Tema

Leolandia is the popular theme park for children!

Explore the world of Leolandia and set off on a journey through 8 themed areas and over 50 attractions for children of all ages. Create family memories on your day out!

  • La Foresta di Masha e Orso
  • La Foresta di Masha e Orso

    Embark on this adventure with your family

    Hop on Vroom, have fun in Masha's courtyard, explore Bear's Woodland and don't miss out on the show in Foresta Theater!

  • Riva dei Pirati
  • Riva dei Pirati

    Wanna join our crew?

    Ready to be a true pirate and embark on new adventures? The wind is at our backs, let’s set sail!

  • Cowboy Town
  • Cowboy Town

    Show yourself as a true cowboy!

    Let your imagination ride and explore the heart of a real Western village!

  • Rapide di Leonardo
  • Terre di Leonardo

    The area dedicated to the genius of Leonardo da Vinci.

    The drawings and sketches of his most popular inventions transformed into real attractions!

  • Expo 1906
  • Expo 1906

    A tribute to the Milan International Exhibition 1906.

    Experience the atmosphere of the early 20th century and its attractions as Expo 1906 takes you on a journey through the history and legacy of that era.

  • Minitalia e Animali
  • Minitalia and Animals

    Discovery and fun.

    The historic Minitalia, the underwater wonders of the Aquarium, the Reptile House for the adventure-seekers, and the traditional farm life offer a complete experience at Leolandia, where entertainment, discovery and learning merge into a unique magical place.

  • Baia dei Piccoli Surfisti
  • Baia dei Piccoli Surfisti

    Slide down from the lighthouse and take a dip in the pond, but watch out for the bucket!

    Is this summer getting too hot for you? Let your kids cool off at little surfers’ bay!

  • PJ Masks City
  • PJ Masks City

    The first themed area dedicated to PJ Masks.

    Night in PJ Masks City, and a brave band of heroes is ready to face fiendish villains to stop them messing with your day at Leolandia, but they need your help: find out which is your superpower!

Let the magic unfold!

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