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Leolandia is a magical world that does exist!

Come visit Leolandia theme park, meet and get a photo with your kids’ beloved cartoon characters! PJ Masks, Masha and the Bear, Bing and Flop, Ladybug and Cat Noir, and Thomas the Tank Engine are waiting for you in their dream world every day.

  • Bluey and Bingo

    From September 9th BINGO arrives at Leolandia!

    During the mini-live show, Bluey and Bingo will play the famous game Keepy Uppy. Do you remember all the rules? The ball must never touch the ground!

    That's not all, Bluey and Bingo will remain at Leolandia until 01/07/2024.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to meet them and have a picture taken with them!

  • PJ Masks
  • PJ Masks

    Superheroes in action!

    PJ Masks heroes do exist at Leolandia! You can meet them every day!

  • Bing e Flop
  • Bing and Flop

    Bing and Flop are waiting for you!

    Meet Bing and Flop and be part of their mini-live show, exclusively at Leolandia!

  • Miraculous - Le avventure di Ladybug e Chat Noir
  • Miraculous

    You can meet Ladybug and Cat Noir exclusively at Leolandia!

    Enjoy their mini-live show, filled with unexpected twists and amazing stunts. And don’t forget to capture a photo with the superheroes!

  • Il Trenino Thomas
  • Thomas from Thomas & Friends

    Experience the all-new look of Thomas the Tank Engine at Leolandia!

    Straight from Sodor, Thomas has come to Leolandia! Join him at the Park’s train station every day and hop on his shimmering blue coaches for a tour of Leolandia!

  • Leo e Mia
  • Leo and Mia

    Welcome to a magical world that does exist!

    Leo and Mia will be welcoming you to start your day. Pose for a photo with them!

Let the magic unfold!

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