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The park will be closed for one or more days during the selected period, so you can enjoy just one day of fun. If you prefer to come to the park for 2 consecutive days, change your arrival date; otherwise, continue to the next step.

You have selected a number of rooms that is lower than the requested occupancy.

The number of facilities you have selected is lower than the number of guests. If all guests will use them, the hotel will ask you an additional charge

Useful Info and Offers

 Don't miss the opportunity: available now the Passes for the 2024 season.

Smart Season Pass

  • NEW Entry on all opening days, holidays included, except for the special event day on October 31, 2024
  • Option to purchase a card with 5 parking spots at the special price of €25

Premium Season Pass

  • Entry on all opening days without exceptions
  • 3 LeoPass for preferential access to the rides, only available to those who have this pass, to be used whenever you wish
  • Unlimited parking
  • One open-date ticket which can be used on any opening day


NEW: starting this year, if you purchase your Season Pass online, you can keep it on your smartphone. For more details, check out Useful Information and Offers.

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