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Contatta Leolandia

Do you have any questions or need specific information?

Our LeoStaff is here to assist you! First, check out our FAQs: you'll likely find the answers you need right here!

How much does a Leolandia ticket cost?

In this section, you'll find all the info on our ticket types and pricing

What's included in a Leolandia ticket?

Our Leolandia ticket includes access to our attractions, rides, shows, character M&Gs, as well as visits to the Aquarium, Reptile house, Farm and Minitalia. Need more details? Visit the specific section to explore the world of Leolandia!

What happens if it rains during my visit?

If you have booked your Fixed-Date Ticket, but the day of your visit is rainy, no worries: You can still enjoy indoor attractions even on a rainy day! Meet cartoon characters, and learn more about the activities you can do.

Plus, if the rain persists on your first visit day, we’ll give you free tickets for a return visit within a month!

We want to ensure that you have a fantastic and special family day out!


Please note that this offer is not valid if you have received a valid ticket for a free return visit thanks to other offers. In such cases, you won’t get any additional complimentary tickets due to rainy weather. We advise you to carefully choose your return date!

Can I bring a pet into Leolandia?

No pets are allowed inside the Park, because there are many animals on the park’s farm. However, Leolandia offers the Dog Area, a completely free-of- charge service located near the Park ticket offices. Here, your puppy can wait for you protected from the sun in one of 14 comfortable kennels you can visit throughout the day. Dog kennels have different dimensions for dogs of all sizes. Please note that this service is subject to availability. Reserve the dog kennel and specify the date of your visit, your dog's name and size, and your phone number.

How do I get to Leolandia?

You'll find Leolandia at Via Vittorio Veneto, 52 24042 Capriate S. Gervasio (BG)


Check out the specific section for all the details on reaching the Park using public transportation.

Does Leolandia offer gluten-free menu options?

Gluten-free menu options are also available in Caffè Minitalia. Feel free to ask our LeoStaff about the gluten-free dishes and choose the one that best suits you!

Which rides will be open during my visit?

Ride opening times correspond to the park’s on weekends and public holidays.

Click on your visit date on our calendar to learn which rides will be open.

How much is the cost for parking? Can I park my RV?

Check out the specific section, under Services tab, for all the details you need!

Can I enter and leave Leolandia more than once during my visit?

You can leave the Park as many times as you like. Simply notify our staff team at the turnstiles. This way you’ll be recognized when you come back.

Are there services for guests with special needs?

Certainly, you can find more detailed information in the dedicated section!

What’s included in the Park + Hotel Package?

Our Park + Hotel Package always includes a minimum of 2 consecutive days of Park admission and a 1-night stay in one of the hotels recommended by Leolandia. You can add any additional services before completing the payment. Book your stay!

When can I redeem my return ticket, if applicable?

The validity of your return ticket is based on the current offer in effect on the day of your first entry. Learn more about our current deals.

What’s included in my Season Pass?


Smart Season Pass:

  • Park admission on EVERY open day, except Italian public holidays and on 10/31/2023
  • The possibility of buying tickets to visit the Park on Italian public holidays and on 10/31/2023 at the favorable price of 26.50€
  • The possibility of buying a parking card (5 parking tickets) at a special and fixed price of 20€
  • If you plan and book a birthday party package, you’ll get one of the available photos for free (complimentary photo is not given in any of Exclusive Experiences)

No Limit Season Pass:

  • Park admission on EVERY open day
  • A complimentary Open-Date Ticket that can be redeemed on any park open day and 3 LeoPasses as special access to the attractions. Valid for pass holders during the season only
  • Unlimited parking
  • If you plan and book a birthday party package, you’ll get one of the available photos for free (complimentary photo is not given in any of Exclusive Experiences)

Magic Pass:

  • Unlimited entry between September 22rd and January 7th 2024, except for October 28, 29, 30, and 31, 2023



Smart Season Pass:

  • Entry on all opening days, holidays included, except for the special event day on October 31, 2024
  • Option to purchase a card with 5 parking spots at the special price of €25

Premium Season Pass:

  • Entry on all opening days without exceptions
  • 3 LeoPass for preferential access to the rides, only available to those who have this pass, to be used whenever you wish
  • Unlimited parking
  • One open-date ticket which can be used on any opening day
Are my tickets personal?

Our online tickets are non-transferable. The tickets display the name of the payer, but they can be used by any other family or group member.

If you can correctly view the PDF file received via email on your phone, you can show it to the LeoStaff at the entrance gates. No printing required.

We remind you that if you bought online tickets, you can head straight to the turnstiles to enter the Park.

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