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Leolandia è ecosostenibile

Discover the values that make Leolandia a unique amusement park for children

Like with any good recipe, a secret formula as well as high quality ingredients and commitment are needed to achieve a good result. This is how Leolandia provides a unique experience to adults and children.

We are always busy and increasingly need time, quality time to spend with our family, our children and the people we love.

We need  a place where to join in the  laughter, to enjoy the smell  of popcorn, the embraces , adventures; a place where children’s dreams play a key role and adults become children again. This is where Leolandia comes in. It’s a theme park for children and their families, where to  experience  emotions and treasure memories that will last forever, because as you know, memories stand the test of time.

The secret formula for all these emotions consists of blending our guests' happiness with our staff's enthusiasm in a friendly and unique atmosphere without disregarding safety, hospitality and environmental sustainability.  Let’s mention 5 of the main ingredients: Safety, Team, Service, Friendliness and Sensitivity, all combined with an essential value, eco-sustainability: we respect the environment as much as possible through concrete actions. Here are just some of them:

Let the magic unfold!

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