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The Minitalia

Culture and fun.

Minitalia was founded in 1971 by a dreamer who aimed at having the most beautiful monuments of Italy under the same roof.

Since then, Minitalia has become increasingly popular among children and an important heritage site to be preserved and appreciated. For this reason, in 2008 Leolandia started restoring all the 160 monuments, with the aim of recreating a realistic miniature Italy! Minitalia is waiting for you with two itineraries without any architectural barriers but with 16 talking statues of the main figures in Italian history, who speak about their lives and the peculiar features of their region of origin. Furthermore, there is an exact replica of the railway network across Italy and its operating trains.

At Leolandia, you can find 40 attractions for children, each one more exciting than the other. Among them is Minitalia, which retains its charm and still arouses curiosity and makes visitors love our wonderful country even more.

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  • A very fast tour of Italy among 160 of the most beautiful monuments of our country.

    Admire the wonders of our country with  the fascinating tour among 160 exact scale replicas of the most beautiful monuments in Italy: ranging from Milan Duomo  to Saint Peter’s Basilica , from St. Mark’s Square to the Royal Palace at Caserta.

    During the tour, you will be guided by 16 talking statues of the main figures in Italian history and culture, such as Giulio Cesare, Mia Martini, Eduardo De Filippo and many more.

  • 40 attractions

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  • Come and enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience!

    Enjoy the air of excitement of pirate and cowboy adventures with exhilarating water rides, such as Mediterranea and wild rides on Mine Train. Test interesting prototypes of flying machines, the exciting human cannonball and get on board the original attractions that bring the sketches from Leonardo da Vinci to life.