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Primary school trips

Plenty of edutainment activities for primary schools

You can now organise primary school visits blending fun with education. It will be a unique day full of surprises, discoveries and emotions!

You will find different itineraries you can freely visit with your classroom, such as Minitalia (miniature Italy), the Educational Vegetable Garden, the Farm, the Aquarium and the Reptile House and have fun on 30 rides designed for all ages! You can also take part in different educational workshops to make learning easier and fun during their visit.

Find out what the most popular park in Italy has in store for you in 2018!

  • leonardo leolandia
  • Discover Leonardo da Vinci

    The Renaissance has come to life and the sketches of the great genius have turned into amazing rides on Leonardo’s Land (Terre di Leonardo). And that’s not all: you can know him in person through the educational workshop!
  • geronimo stilton leolandia
  • Geronimo Stilton: the famouse journalist

    A brand-new adventure will flutter your whiskers with excitement! The renowned mouse-journalist Geronimo Stilton, who also runs the famouse Rodent’s Gazette, is coming from New Mouse City to Leolandia and will be the main protagonist of this adventure! And in 2018, his sister Tea Stilton will hold a new workshop!
  • giostre leolandia
  • Many rides for all ages

    A child-friendly theme park with many attractions especially designed for them. Even the youngest can explore different worlds while learning and having fun in a clean and safe place.
  • minitalia leolandia
  • A tour of Minitalia

    A walking tour aimed at exploring the wonders of Italy among the 160 scale models of monuments and two itineraries without any architectural barriers, but with 16 talking statues of the main figures in Italian history and culture, who speak about the peculiar features of their region of origin.

  • MINITALIA – A walking tour of the main monuments, rivers and mountains in Italy led by the famous explorer Stéphanie De Monde
    - To explore every corner of the Italian peninsula
    - To admire the regions and their peculiarities
    JOURNALISM WITH TEA STILTON – The classroom will be transformed into a real newsroom, which will take photos, give interviews and write articles
    - To approach the world of information
    - To learn the process of transforming a fact into an interesting piece of news
    - To write a real newspaper article
    MEETING LEONARDO DA VINCI – The great master of the Renaissance and his masterpieces, which were reproduced for recreational purposes, are waiting for you to enjoy the singularity and brilliance of one of the most significant figures in history.
    - To extend the knowledge of the story acquired at school
    - To understand the cause-effect principle through the inventions of Leonardo
    - To learn and undertake group activities
    EDUCATIONAL VEGETABLE GARDEN – A visit accompanied by the vegetable gardener to discover vegetables, grain, growing techniques and curious facts about what we eat. It’s an entertaining way to approach the vegetable garden.
    - To be familiar with vegetables, grain and their origin
    - To observe the growth stages of a plant directly
    AQUARIUM – A tour led by a scientist aiming to discover over 56 species of the undersea world and help a mysterious friend, who lost his way, find his family.
    - To introduce children to the marine world
    - To discover many curious facts about the marine life
    RECYCLING CYCLE – An incredible female pirate will introduce visitors to the world of the paper mill, recycling steps and recycled paper manufacturing.
    - To raise children’s awareness about the importance of recycling
    - To discover the “recycling cycle” and its benefits
    - To create recycled paper

  • ADMISSION PRICE: €14.00 from Monday to Friday, free teacher tickets (min. 25 pax).

    The ticket includes: 30 rides designed for children, Minitalia, tour of Vegetable Garden, Farm, Aquarium, Reptile House, entertainment programmes, parrot show and access to picnic areas.

    Please note that for school visits at weekends and on bank holidays, we recommend that you send an email to [email protected] or call us on +39 02 9090169.


    • 60 minute workshop: €5.00 per child (min. 25 pax)
    • 90 minute workshop: €7.50 per child (min. 25 pax)
    • Lunch: Pizza or Pasta? €3.90 per child (min. 25 pax)
    • Accompanying person: if you need an estimate, please send an email to [email protected] or call us on +39 02 9090169
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