Important notice

No rooms are available for the selected date, otherwise you may have entered less than 2 customers (i.e. 2 adults or 1 adult and 1 child up to 90cm). Please modify your search criteria or contact us on +39 029090169.

The park will be closed for one or more days during the selected period, so you can enjoy just one day of fun. If you prefer to come to the park for 2 consecutive days, change your arrival date; otherwise, continue to the next step.

The park will be closed for one or more days after your arrival in hotel, so you can enjoy one day of fun. If you prefer to come to the park for two days or more, please increase the number of nights.

The number of facilities you have selected is lower than the number of guests. If all guests will use them, the hotel will ask you an additional charge

You can only buy one type of season pass for the entire family.

Restaurants and bars

Spending a day at Leolandia is an exciting experience. Celebrate it with our tasty meals. You don’t need a packed lunch, because Leolandia offers restaurants and bars for all tastes inside our theme park for children and families!

Can’t resist temptations? You can choose from a wide offer of restaurants and bars with taste juicy and 100% Italian meat hamburgers, topped pizzas, homemade piadina (Italian flatbread), snacks with freshly prepared chips and salamella (Italian pork sausage) skewers and many more. And that’s not all: we will astonish you with new salads, always freshly prepared, a varied buffet with seasonal dishes, a selection of dishes and sandwiches made from km 0 and traditional Italian ingredients, also thanks to the collaboration with Slow Food. For specific requirements, you can also find gluten free products and menu prepared in cooperation with Italian Association of Celiac disease. The dishes served are cooked and warmed in a separate oven in Caffè Minitalia.

  • La Tana di Leo

    The table-service restaurant with indoor playground for kids will be waiting for you! For further information, please call us on +39 02 9090169.

  • menu la tana di leo carne
  • Sapori d'Italia

    A varied buffet menu is available at fixed price, so you can eat and drink as much as you wish and try local specialties of Sapori d’Italia.

  • Pizzeria da Pinuccia

    Order online and avoid the queue! A desire for pizza? Then you’re in the right place: adult menus to satisfy your appetite and kids’ menus for little food lovers!

  • Texas Grill

    Order online and avoid the queue! The scent of grilled meat would make even the most dangerous bandit from the Far west submissive.

  • La tana dei trappers

    If you want to have lunch like an adventurer, stop by at Tana dei Trappers: sausage skewers, salamella (Italian pork sausage) sandwiches and freshly prepared chips.

  • la tana dei trappers
  • Serra Italia: piadina and ice cream

    Classic Italian flavours at Serra Italia: freshly prepared Romagna’s Piadina (Italian flatbread) with the ingredients you want, even with whole-wheat flour. And traditional Italian ice cream is served at break time!

  • serra italia
  • Le Dolcezze del Porto

    The perfect place for a cup of coffee or a refreshing drink: a pirate’s life on Riva dei Pirati has never been so good!

  • Caffè minitalia

    Everything you need in a cosy place overlooking Minitalia.

  • Snacks

    You can find our food stands in every area of the park to delight your taste buds with a wide range of delicacies: ranging from tasty waffles on a stick to traditional ice cream and candyfloss

  • Vagone ristorante

    You can order your gourmet-toast-based on the carriages of an old train!

  • Gluten free products

  • In Caffè Minitalia you can also find gluten free products and menus prepared in cooperation with Italian Association of Celiac disease. The dishes served are cooked and warmed in a separate oven.

  • Highchairs, baby food, bottle warming facilities

  • You can use highchairs free of charge in the main snack points and restaurants of the park as well as bottle warmers and microwave ovens for warming food. Alternatively, you can choose from a wide selection of baby food at Caffè Minitalia. On the LeoMap, you’ll find nine nursery facilities: here you can breastfeed, change and look after your baby.

  • Picnic areas

  • You can also bring and eat your packed lunch in the picnic areas located at Leolandia. There are two equipped areas near the stalls providing fresh water, coffee, drinks an ice cream. It’s the perfect place for a lunch break at the theme park.