Important notice

No rooms are available for the selected date, otherwise you may have entered less than 2 customers (i.e. 2 adults or 1 adult and 1 child up to 90cm). Please modify your search criteria or contact us on +39 029090169.

The park will be closed for one or more days during the selected period, so you can enjoy just one day of fun. If you prefer to come to the park for 2 consecutive days, change your arrival date; otherwise, continue to the next step.

The park will be closed for one or more days after your arrival in hotel, so you can enjoy one day of fun. If you prefer to come to the park for two days or more, please increase the number of nights.

The number of facilities you have selected is lower than the number of guests. If all guests will use them, the hotel will ask you an additional charge

You can only buy one type of season pass for the entire family.

Ticket Prices

Find products and prices available at Leolandia theme park with one click!

Here you can find products and prices available at Leolandia theme park. Find the best type of ticket for your needs among one-day tickets, multiple day tickets, park+ hotel packages or season passes and benefit from services available at Leolandia!

  • Tickets 2019

  • One ticket for different adventures at Leolandia! Select the ticket that suits you best and start dreaming with your family at Leolandia!


    Leolandia has great news in store for you: with the purchase of a 2019 fixed date ticket, you can come back for free on one of green days on calendar (please see here), within 60 days* after your first visit to Leolandia. Dynamic pricing is adopted for fixed date tickets at Leolandia: the price ranges from €20.50** to €39.50, depending on your selected date. Our system is similar to the one used when you buy airline tickets, the only difference is that last minute tickets don’t exist at Leolandia: the earlier you buy, the more you save!

    There are two types of fixed date tickets:                                                      

    • Full price tickets: if you buy online and select the date in advance, prices start from 20.50€. This type of ticket is for guests who are at least 120 cm tall including shoes. E.g.: if your family consists of your mother, father and a child over 120 cm, you must buy 3 fixed and standard tickets.
    • Reduced price tickets: if you buy online and select the date in advance, prices start from 18.50€. This type of ticket is for children who are between 90 and 119 cm tall including shoes, as well as for expectant mothers, police forces, guests over 65 and accompanying persons to guests with special needs. Children up to 89cm get free entry to Leolandia theme park!



    Double the fun with these tickets!

    • Leolandia open date tickets are valid between March 16th 2019 and January 6th 2020. If you buy 2019 open date tickets online, full price ticket (120cm and over) costs € 38.50 and reduced price ticket (children from 90 to 119 cm) € 33.50. Children up to 89cm get free entry to Leolandia theme park!
    • You can return to Leolandia free of charge on one of green days, within 60 days* after your visit and have double the fun with 2019 open date tickets: getting this new offer is very easy, as you just need to validate your ticket at the Promotion desk on the day you’ll come to the park during 2019 season. A photo of you will be taken and be included in your admission ticket. Keep your validated tickets safe to come back for free to Leolandia and have fun once again. Check out our calendar and learn when you can return for free.

    *Valid to return on green days by 6/01/2020

    **Don't miss this chance! Fixed date tickets from €20.50 have limited availability The earlier you spend, the more you save!

  • Park + hotel

  • Enjoy your family holiday to the fullest!

    You can have even more fun with our Park + Hotel package. Find the nearest hotels to Leolandia!

    The package price starts from 39.90€ per person and includes:


    • Park ticket valid for two days or more
    • Overnight accommodation at one of our partner hotels 
  • Extra services

  • A wide range of services for the entire family at Leolandia!

    Leolandia offers different services at additional cost, so you and your family can have fun to the fullest. Here below you can find our services and prices:

    • Parking: At Leolandia, you can find wide spaces where you can park your car or motorcycle at 5.00€. The LeoStaff will show you the available parking spaces and help you to park, so you can have fun to the fullest at the theme park. Buses, bikes and cars with disabled stickers can park in Leolandia’s car park for free.
    • Motorhome: You can park your motorhome at Leolandia. During the open season, you can park from 8:30 a.m. to 05:45 p.m. Your motorhome must be registered at the reception desk. Here below you can find our parking prices:

          - Daytime parking: €8

          - Extra night: €20*

          - 2 days + 1 night: €28

          - Extra night after 2 days + 1 night: €15**


    The area for recreational vehicle is equipped with shared toilets, shower drainage systems and charging points.

    *Each extra night related to the daytime parking

    **Each extra night related to the “2 days + 1 night” option


    • Strollers: If you want to spend a relaxing day and leave your stroller at home, you can rent one at LeoShop or at Perla del Mediterraneo, which is located on Riva dei Pirati (Pirates’ Bay). Prices fluctuate based on the rental period and type of stroller:

    - Renting for the half day costs 5€ (single stroller) and 7€ (double stroller)
    - Renting for the entire day costs 7€ (single stroller) and 10€ (double stroller)


    • Lockers: You can store your items in the storage lockers using personal codes and spend your day at the park without thinking of your personal bags and items. The storage price changes based on the size of storage lockers:

    - Storing items in small or medium lockers costs 4.00€

    - Storing items in large lockers costs 6.00€