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Shooting a Leolandia

Dream location for photo shoots

Leolandia is the perfect spot for photo shooting and video recordings!

Nestled in a huge green park, with its 8 themed areas and over 50 attractions, Leolandia offers a wide variety of landscapes and unique backgrounds for video recordings and photo shooting.


From the classic Far West or Pirate setting, you can then enjoy our exclusive and unique offerings, including attractions, Minitalia, and scale monuments, winter garden, or farm.


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  • Minitalia
  • Minitalia: the exact scale replica

    The exact scale replica of the Italian peninsula featuring 160 of the most iconic monuments in Italy

  • Location iconiche
  • The most iconic locations

    Our 8 areas, all themed in every detail, and over 50 attractions nestled in a green park offer the perfect catalog for you to choose the best location for your project.

  • Tutti i servizi
  • A host of services for you

    We cater to your shooting needs, providing backstage spaces for your lead actors and your crew, complete with make-up, dressing rooms, production meetings, and dining options