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Golfo del Drago Marino di Leolandia

Leolandia's new aquatic playground

On July 1st, the new Leolandia’s water play area is opening!

The journey begins: dragons and legends at Leolandia will be making your summer cooler and funnier.

On Saturday, July 1st Golfo del Drago Marino (Marine Dragon Gulf) is opening: our new themed water play area promises boundless fun for the entire family.

Protected by a huge 82-foot-long (25 m.) and 30-foot-high (9 m.) dragon, entwined around a pirate ship, the Gulf will be offering unrivaled adventures to brave explorers of all ages: splash battles, 4 slides of different heights and splash pads suitable even for the little ones. All under the watchful eyes of the dragon, always on the lookout and ready to protect the fort with sprays and immense clouds of steam. To make the adventure even more unpredictable and swashbuckling, sudden cascades will be coming from a huge water bucket at the top of the main mast!

And that's not all! In front of the Gulf, Scilla e Cariddi will be reopening themed with new elements to entertain grown-ups and little ones  with its breathtaking twists and turns!

After the Gulf, you can admire the new Piazza Venti Nodi (Twenty Knots Square), featuring a large fountain inspired by the compass rose and hundreds of water sprays creating suggestive choreos!

Next to the Gulf, La Taverna del Viaggiatore, the new marine-themed food stand, will be offering a delightful retreat for unwinding and indulging in flavors from a tasty pizza to a fragrant mixed fried seafood or a nourishing poke bowl. You can also have a snack with an ice cream or a refreshing smoothie.

We’ll be waiting for you at Leolandia on July 1st to find out what’s new this summer! And if you buy a fixed-date or an open-date ticket to come by July 31st, you can come back for free for a second visit!


Published on 06/20/2023 at 4:30 p.m.
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