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No rooms are available for the selected date, otherwise you may have entered less than 2 customers (i.e. 2 adults or 1 adult and 1 child up to 90cm). Please modify your search criteria or contact us on +39 029090169.

The park will be closed for one or more days during the selected period, so you can enjoy just one day of fun. If you prefer to come to the park for 2 consecutive days, change your arrival date; otherwise, continue to the next step.

The park will be closed for one or more days after your arrival in hotel, so you can enjoy one day of fun. If you prefer to come to the park for two days or more, please increase the number of nights.

The number of facilities you have selected is lower than the number of guests. If all guests will use them, the hotel will ask you an additional charge

You can only buy one type of season pass for the entire family.

2021 News

There are more surprising news for you!

A wonderful 2020 full of surprises awaits you at Leolandia, the theme park for children. Discover all the news and stay up to date so you don’t miss a thing!

Immerse yourself in excitement with our new shows and attractions for all ages, even for the youngest children.

  • La premiazione di Ladybug e Chat Noir

  • Minitalia Stage
  • During the preparations for the award ceremony of Ladybug and Cat Noir that will crown them as Super Heroes of the city, the evil Papillon throws his Akuma at an operator in charge of preparing the ceremony, everything seems to be falling apart.
    But once again the two super heroes will intervene promptly and with amazing stunts and jumps will bring everything back to normal giving, as always, a lesson to Papillon!
  • Gioca con Bing!

  • Palco Pirati
  • Bing and Flop are waiting for the little ones at the Pirate Shore!
    In addition to playing the fun game of musical statues, are you ready to sing Bing's famous favorite "rainbow song" in a whole new and engaging way?
  • Favola: Viaggio nelle terre Lontane

  • LeoArena
  • Prince Aron and Princess Anna set out on a fascinating journey to distant, magical and mysterious lands; they will discover an unexpected secret concerning the witch Asteria...
    Join them and travel with your imagination to the most evocative lands in the world among wild dances, special effects and breathtaking acrobatics.
  • La spada di Admir

  • Palco Pirati
  • The pirates of Leolandia are grappling with a new unmissable adventure. 
    The island of Akura, lost in the waters of the Nile, will bring to light the ancient legend of the sword of Admir kept in great secret by the sultan of the kingdom.
    A tale not to be missed between fascinating music and engaging dances.
  • Le miniere di Cowboy Town

  • Cowboy Town Stage
  • The cheerful miners of the lands of Cowboy Town led by the friendly mole Robin, are looking for new treasures to find, 
    but this time what they will find will be really unexpected and never seen before: a diamond will give life to strange characters who will teach them the true value of a treasure ...