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Servizi dedicati alle mamme

Services for Mums – Leolandia

Tailored services for moms and expectant mothers!

Check out our special rates for your visit to Leolandia. You’ll enjoy our attractions with peace of mind during pregnancy. For new moms, there are childcare facilities within the Park. We also provide a stroller rental service and offer bottle warmers and microwaves to heat your baby’s food. Alternatively, you can choose from a wide selection of baby food available in Caffè Minitalia.

  • Mamme in dolce attesa
  • Expectant mothers

    Discover the rides and attractions suitable for you!

    Enjoying the park safely is particularly important in pregnancy. That’s why we offer different activities that you can enjoy, even during pregnancy: enjoy our exciting shows, explore the animal world in our Aquarium, Reptile House and Farm and take a tour of the 160 monuments in Minitalia. Learn which rides you can enjoy.

  • Per tutte le mamme
  • For all mums

    Explore the services tailored to you!

    When you become a mother, you have different tasks to carry out to look after your children: That's why it's essential to treat yourself to blissful moments at Leolandia. Explore our tailored services designed to make your visit to Leolandia hassle-free and enjoyable.

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