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From September 9th Bingo arrives at Leolandia!

Big news at Leolandia! Bingo is coming to the park to keep company to her sister Bluey, the blue Heeler dog most loved by children.

Take part to their mini-live show, play Keepy Uppy game without letting the ball touch the ground and have fun imitating them with the Copy Cat game!

And that's not all, as Bluey and Bingo will play little tricks on Leolandia entertainers with the magical xylophone and all the children will have fun dancing to the rhythm of the cartoon theme song.


At the end of the experience you will have the opportunity to go on stage and pose for a very special picture to be taken together with the two little sisters, Bluey and Bingo.


The surprises continue because, by popular demand, we have extended the presence of Bluey and Bingo until 07/01/2024. Don't miss the opportunity, take part to their mini-live show never seen before in Italy, 3 appointments a day!



Published on 09/08/2023 at 11:30 a.m.