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From March 30th to April 1st.

At Leolandia, little cute dragon eggs are on the way. Mother Dragon is taking care of all the nests: there are eggs in various areas of the Park, from Pirate Shore to the Farm, from Leonardo's Lands to Cowboy Town.

From Saturday, March 30th, to Monday, April 1st, pick up the map at the Park's entrance to discover where all the nests are, and get ready to experience a real Dragon Egg Hunt!

The eggs have been hidden in secret spots to hatch peacefully; find them and faithfully mark their colors on the map.

Once you've located all the nests and completed the map, bring it back to LeoShop by 5:00 PM to find out which other little dragons will arrive at Leolandia: choose a postcard and discover which dragon resembles you the most!

By participating in the Dragon Egg Hunt to celebrate Easter at Leolandia, you will also receive a sweet surprise, in collaboration with Chupa-Chups: don't miss this fun opportunity to discover all the news at Leolandia and come back in the summer to meet the new dragons born in the Park in person!