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Draghi e leggende Leolandia

Leo has found an old, dusty book titled "Draghi e Leggende".

Draghi e leggende Leolandia

This magical book collects the legendary journeys of an ancestor through the Mediterranean Sea during which he encountered majestic creatures protecting him: the dragons!


Starting in June, these journeys will come to life in the area, and under the watchful eyes of the powerful dragons, you will be involved in a grand adventure.


On June 1st, join the opening event: discover all the mighty creatures, get to know the thrilling stories of the Dragons and Legends area, and get ready to play with us. You are the explorer!

At the entrance of the Park, pick up your postcard, solve the puzzles, and deliver it to the Merchants' Emporium to receive a tasty surprise, in collaboration with Chupa Chups.

But be careful, a clue will be revealed during the opening event of the area: be present at 12:15 PM at the new obelisk in Piazza Venti Nodi where Leo will unveil the legendary content of the book.


Don't miss this fun opportunity: your new adventure starts here!

Let the magic unfold!

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