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Le Giostre

Fun guaranteed at Leolandia with over 50 rides for children

Over 50 rides and attractions for children of all ages are awaiting you!

Measure your children’s height (shoes included) and find out which rides are the most suitable for them. You will see all the amusement rides and attractions they can go with an adult by specifying your children’s height.

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Height allowed
Sotto i 90 cm
Fino a 105 cm
Fino a 119 cm
Sopra i 120 cm
Expectant mothers
Lower limb impairment
Upper limb impairment
Water rides
One upper limb impairment
Lower limb impairment when accompanied by a companion/carer
One upper limb impairment when accompanied by a companion/carer
No fear
Attention to the most sensitive
It could be scary
Area tematica
Draghi e Leggende
PJ Mask City
Masha e Orso
Expo 1906
Cowboy Town
Riva dei Pirati
Baia dei Piccoli Surfisti
Minitalia e Animali
Let the magic unfold!

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