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No rooms are available for the selected date, otherwise you may have entered less than 2 customers (i.e. 2 adults or 1 adult and 1 child up to 90cm). Please modify your search criteria or contact us on +39 029090169.

The park will be closed for one or more days during the selected period, so you can enjoy just one day of fun. If you prefer to come to the park for 2 consecutive days, change your arrival date; otherwise, continue to the next step.

The park will be closed for one or more days after your arrival in hotel, so you can enjoy one day of fun. If you prefer to come to the park for two days or more, please increase the number of nights.

The number of facilities you have selected is lower than the number of guests. If all guests will use them, the hotel will ask you an additional charge

You have required menus for more days than the number of days you want to spend at the park.

You can only buy one type of season pass for the entire family.

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2 Playgrounds

Two large playgrounds, where your children can have fun, the entertainment with Leo and a table-service restaurant for your and your friends! This is La Tana di Leo! And toddlers aged 0-24 months, without menu, can enjoy the experience for free. Please note that there are limited seats, so book your experience including menu and entertainment. You just need to pay a deposit online!


    La Tana di Leo, located near Bergamo, offers an indoor playground for older children.  The children can play in a playground with climbing frames, slides and many more! They will have fun with our LeoStaff, who will entertain them with games, songs and baby dance, while their parents are having lunch or dinner.

  • Area giochi grandi la tana di leo

    The youngest kids will have fun in our playground with safety flooring as their parents enjoy their lunch or dinner. The children can play the touch piano, feel like real pirates embarking on exciting adventures and test their manual dexterity and balance with different games.

  • Area giochi piccoli la tana di leo

    Even toddlers can have fun at “La Tana di Leo” thanks to an area specially designed for them!

    The babies, who must be accompanied by their parents, can play with plenty of soft blocks and have an area where they can crawl across and meet new friends.

  • animazione la tana di leoanimazione la tana di leoanimazione la tana di leo

    In this world of leisure and magic, our entertainment programme is waiting for your children on the first floor above “La Tana di Leo” to sing and dance to the rhythm of baby dance songs. Children and adults can join the baby dance with Leo and characters from Leolandia! And you can take a picture with them!


    This unique and exclusive location near Bergamo is a wonderful spot to organise your kid’s birthday party in our indoor recreation area! You can book your table and, during your reservation process, order your customised birthday cake. For further information, please call us at +39 02 9090169 or send an email to [email protected]

  • compleanni tana di leo

    Organise your kid’s birthday party and order an afternoon snack with the special entertainment of our LeoStaff! In addition to the indoor playgrounds, our little guests can have fun with face painting game, open birthday gifts along with Leo and enjoy a tasty sweet and/or salty buffet. For further information, please call us at +39 02 9090169 or send an email to

  • compleanni tana di leo

Take a deep breath and relax at lunch or dinner with your friends. Enjoy our table service while your children have fun: our restaurant offers a wide selection of dishes in addition to the menus specially designed for your children! Book now. You just need to pay a deposit on your experience including menu and entertainment: this way you ensure that a table will be available to you, your family and your friends! When you come to the park, you can select different tasty dishes prepared by our chef. CLICK HERE to view our complete menu


In addition, we have different facilities and services for new mums and their babies:

  • Free facilities and service: bottle warmers, highchairs, nursery
  • Services at additional cost: menus specially created for toddlers aged 0-24 months with a wide selection of baby food
  • Pizzas

  • pizza la tana di leo
  • Handcrafted Desserts

  • dolci la tana di leo
  • Child menu

  • menu bimbo tana di leo
  • Grilled meats and hamburgers

  • menu la tana di leo carne
  • Salads

  • insalata la tana di leo
  • Babies' menu

BOOK NOW: introductory offer!

Book your experience. You’ll get the opportunity to feel the magic of “La Tana di Leo”: seats are limited! Take advantage of our special discount of €4* on Friday and Sunday for dinner or Saturday at lunch. Choose the day you would like to come and book your table paying a deposit on your menu and entertainment! Don’t worry if you cannot come on your selected day. You can change your booking date and select the first available one. Please call us at + 39 02 9090169 or send an email to [email protected]


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Your reservation ensures that a table will be available to you at the restaurant in addition to the playgrounds at La Tana di Leo… seats are limited! Car parking is free!
  • Free car parking: you can park in Leolandia’s car park free of charge while you stay at La Tana di Leo;
  • Free access to La Tana di Leo: children aged between 0 and 24 months, except for the menu including baby food you must order on site;
  • The access to indoor playgrounds at La Tana di Leo is only permitted with non-slip socks, with the exception of the outdoor recreation area
  • Indoor playgrounds at La Tana di Leo are intended for the exclusive use of restaurant customers who must observe rules and regulations;
  • In order to book seats for adults and children, a deposit must be paid. It ensures that a table and entertainent will be available to you at “La Tana di Leo
  • The voucher’s nominal value will be cancelled when you get the bill
  • If you cannot come on your selected date during the pre-booking process, the management will give the chance to change the date and enable guests to choose the first available date, subject to agreement with the booking office;
  • Each person must hold his/her own voucher, including children aged between 0 and 24 months;
  • Access to Leolandia’s themed areas is restricted to guests
  • We’re offering the best prices you could find! Hurry up and book now, because prices could increase!
  • Menus for New Year’s Eve: prices start from €30 for kids and from €80 for adults

*The discount of €4 is applied to the cover charge and entertainment, as specified in the programme above



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