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HalLEOween is back!

The most special kid’s HalLEOween party ever.

From September 28th to November 10th the theme park for children will be “falling under spell”.

From September 28th to November 10th, the theme park for children will be “falling under spell” and will be the most bewitching ever.

Leolandia will have a touch of orange and Halloween will turn into HalLEOween, the unique witch party for children! Pumpkin expressing their feelings, mischievous ghosts, the enchanted Festival delle Scope Magiche (Magic Brooms Festival) and an ancient library haunted by…Fantasmi: HalLEOween musical, the branded-new show in 2019 will be waiting for you! Not to mention that you can enjoy the Witches Parade, a burst of colours, songs and floats you can follow through the streets of the park.

Leo Wizard, Mia the little Witch and new friends from Leolandia’s world are looking forward to spending an unforgettable day with you and your family! And remember: Leolandia, the theme park close to Milan, celebrates the non-scary Halloween, one of its kind!

  • Shows for kids on halleoween

  • Spettacoli Halloween 2017 a Leolandia
  • Enjoy our brand-new Halloween shows

    Great novelties for the most wicked HalLEOween ever seen before: enjoy Fantasmi, il musical di HalLEOween and find out if the brave ghostbuster will get the better of little monsters living in the ancient library; La Parata delle Streghe, which will be even more spooktakular this year! In addition, spellbinding shows will let you explore past and mysterious worlds: on HalLEOween Stage, you can see Vampiria e lo Specchio Magico (Vampiria and the Magical Mirror) and “Il Segreto della Piratessa” (The female pirate’s secret) on Pirati (Pirates) stage.

  • Halloween turns into HalLEOween at Leolandia!

  • Halloween 2017 a Leolandia
  • Have fun with little witches and ghosts!

    Pumpkins expressing their feelings, mischievous little ghosts and witches with their bubbling cauldrons: Halloween is not scary at Leolandia! Your children can give a hug to LeoWizard, play with Mia the little Witch, snap a photo with Bing and Flop, who will stay at the park for the entire season. They can also meet their favourite HalLEOween characters at the theme park especially designed for children!

  • The magic brooms festival is back!

  • Halleoween Attractions 2017 at Leolandia
  • What if brooms had secret lives and were magic?

    This fun area will delight taste buds of adults and children: the unique Festival delle Scope Magiche (Magic Brooms Festival) features fun brooms dealing with the Flight Training School! They don’t always land successfully, but trying is what really matters! In this area, you can take a break with tasty HalLEOween-themed snacks in the stands of the area, snap a photo with the magic broom that best fits your personality and post it on your social media accounts using #Leolandia #HalLEOween!

  • Enchanted lunch and snacks

  • Menu Hallloween 2017 a Leolandia
  • Taste all Halloween specialities

    Get into the spirit of Halloween even at lunch or break: order your menu and feel the atmosphere of Halloween at one of 9 refreshment points. Find out more about all stands of the new area dedicated to the Magic Brooms Festival: delicacies will delight your taste buds!