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No rooms are available for the selected date, otherwise you may have entered less than 2 customers (i.e. 2 adults or 1 adult and 1 child up to 90cm). Please modify your search criteria or contact us on +39 029090169.

The park will be closed for one or more days during the selected period, so you can enjoy just one day of fun. If you prefer to come to the park for 2 consecutive days, change your arrival date; otherwise, continue to the next step.

The park will be closed for one or more days after your arrival in hotel, so you can enjoy one day of fun. If you prefer to come to the park for two days or more, please increase the number of nights.

The number of facilities you have selected is lower than the number of guests. If all guests will use them, the hotel will ask you an additional charge

You have required menus for more days than the number of days you want to spend at the park.

You can only buy one type of season pass for the entire family.

An exciting experience

Leolandia is especially designed for children, even for the youngest!

Feel the magic of Leolandia with your children.

Recharge your batteries and feel refreshed. Magic at Leolandia has no limits. It offers indeed 6 themed areas and 40 attractions aimed at children of all ages. Measure your child and, with the support of our tape measure, you can find out which rides are the most suitable for him/her!

Feel the excitement of becoming a real pirate aboard the fearless pirate ship ever seen before or transform yourself into a brave cowboy aboard the craziest trunks of the west. All of this together with your child. Even youngest children’s dreams come true. They will have the opportunity to meet their favourite cartoon characters in person.

The fun continues with the magic of the exciting shows for children and, if you crave for a tasty break, just have a lunch with us at the outstanding restaurants, which will offer you a wide range of delicious and high quality menus.

Whether your child is a newborn babies or a toddler, you can relax and unwind. The park is equipped with comfortable nursery areas with baby changing tables and bottle warming facilities. In addition, strollers are available for hire for babies taking their first steps (extra charge).

Our theme park is waiting for you to spend an unforgettable day with your family!

  • Your favourite cartoon characters

    Dreams come true at Leolandia. Come and meet the most popular cartoon characters among children.

    Masha and the Bear, Peppa Pig’s World and Thomas the Tank Engine are waiting for you everyday at our theme park to make you smile and create unforgettable memories.

  • Il Mondo di Peppa Pig e Masha e Orso a Leolandia
  • The educational farm and the animal world

    Meet our friendly animals up close.

    Find out more about our animals, ranging from aquarium colourful fishes to cute Farm animals and spiders, snakes and amphibians from the reptile house.

  • No fear
    Animali a Leolandia
  • Shows

    Find out what’s new in this 2017 season. 

    Two brand-new shows for children, who will be captivated by pirates, cowboys and new surprises during “Canta e balla con Masha e Orso” (Sing and dance with Masha and the Bear) show. “Magica Avventura” (Magical Adventure), the show winner of 2016 Parkmania Awards as “The best indoor show”, will run again by popular demand.

  • No fear
    Sotto i 90 cm
    Fino a 105 cm
    Fino a 119 cm
    Sopra i 120 cm
    Donne incinte
    Disabili arti inferiori
    Disabili arti superiori
    Disabili un solo arto superiore
    Disabili arti inferiori con accompagnatore
    Spettacoli per bambini a Leolandia
  • 40 attractions

    Come and enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience!

    Enjoy the air of excitement of pirate and cowboy adventures with exhilarating water rides, such as Mediterranea and wild rides on Mine Train. Test interesting prototypes of flying machines, the exciting human cannonball and get on board the original attractions that bring the sketches from Leonardo da Vinci to life.

  • Giostre per bambini a Leolandia